Friday, March 25, 2011

Solar comes to the Adventure Inn in Ely


Late march, still temps below zero at night...will spring ever come. But.... the tilt of the earth has given more power to the sun and we are soon to capture some of the power for the Adventure Inn. We have gotten 10 of our panels up and 10 more will be up in a few days. It has been a learning process as at first the panels were hoisted up by man power. Grunt!! Then a crane came to the rescue and then the panels went up much easier.
The glass on the panels is similar to windshield glass on a car. 50mph winds and golf ball hail
should bounce off the panels without a crack. I hope I never have to find out.

We have 3 large hot water tanks that will store the hot water from the sun. We can use the hot water to provide showers to our guests, do our laundry and in the winter, the excess will run through the wirsbo piping in our cement slab. During our busy summers, there will be no excess as guests and laundry will use it all up.
Inside, the dry wall is being finished, tiling is beginning and mudding and taping of the drywall is
also in process. June is around the corner.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New generation of recyclers

Sasha Edgington hard at work stripping plastic off of copper wire that he collected off the floor of the new building. He has dreams of the money he will make by selling the copper wire... What fun as he also turns the copper wire into creations of art (or guns)

Progress continues...on the inside

It is down to Nitty Gritty time as the electricians, plumbers, and inspectors come and go getting us ready to put up the dry wall. If every home was to be inspected as a commercial building, there would be a lot less problems for many homeowners...needless to say, our building will be safe! Even the Health department has a say in how the building is designed to make sure there will be no contamination or bug homes when I serve our delicious Blue Heron scones and Gene Hicks coffee.
My 2 sons have decided to make enough money to buy a snow mobile so they are reclycling all the copper wire bits and piping left behind. Every piece is picked up and peeled of its plastic coating. Our little recyclers.
Our solar panels will be here in 2 weeks and we are so excited to finally have them up and ready to work. Now... please send us more sun!
Our winter this year has brought us a lot of snow and cold... not much in the way of sunny days, other than the ones that also brings us the temps below zero for highs. Great for all the ones who love to play in snow.. myself included. However, this has been a huge challenge to our building....

Think spring...Think SUN!