Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Winter Perfect Festival in frigid Ely

The effects of global warming are missing Ely this winter (or is it because of?) We have had incredible snow falls and not a day over freezing for almost 2 months. Temps down in the -20's and even down in the -40's one night. That being said, it has made Ely a perfect winter destination. We revel in it, we play in it, we carve in it! The first 2 weeks of February bring the Annual Winter Festival to Ely and with it comes the Snow carvings! Children, families, individual compete in amateur contests, and the Pro's come out to outshine each other. Every year, I believe they are the best ever, and this year is no exception. I am sharing just a few of the carvings this year and the deep freeze that we are experiencing is preserving them. All you southerners heed some advice. Come and experience a real winter for a vacation in Ely. We have dog sledding, snow shoeing, nordic skiing, sledding down Big Dutch (the only golf course that becomes killer sled runs in winter)
Ice fishing (yes, we Minnesotans haul houses on lakes and cut holes in the ice and fish) and for the true adventurer, winter camping in the BWCA. You can experience a sky far away from city lights, air as pure as you will find anywhere on the planet and silence. No where can you go and experience no sound. It is an incredible experience. It is so quiet out in the wilderness that you can hear the blood rush through your body and the buzz of your brain as it takes in the beauty. Winter in Ely is why we live here.

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