Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recycling an old building

It is time to remove the last old building that was part of the Adventure Inn and also a part of Ely's history. This old building was built on the site of Ely's old mink farm. In fact, there was a spring that flowed past the Inn. We discovered that when we dug the footings for the new building and struck water.
So we say good by to memories. some of our guests have fond memories and stories of what it was like before the Adventure Inn. 4 Star stories that brought tears of laughter.. and yes, we had complaints as well. It is an old, tired, cobbled building that has done its time and now needs to be laid to rest.
So, we are Freecycling the building. We have advertised to come and take windows, doors, usable toilets and furniture, sinks too. The siding is going and we have sticky notes placed on items that people are wanting to take. The Ely fire department will also use the building for a practice in search and rescue by filling the rooms with smoke.
 When the building is gone, we will be paving over and making better parking for our guests. So progress moves forward and change is coming to the Adventure Inn. We hope it is a change for the better and we hope that as we progress our carbon footprint is a small one.

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