Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adventure Inn's trusses are up!

Yes!! It is January and we have between 3-4' of snow in the forest and piles of snow in town that are as big as houses, but our intrepid, hardy crew from Silver-Birch Construction managed to place all of our trusses on top of our new building without mishap. Single digit temps didn't phase them and in spite of the fact that cars would slow down and watch, they managed to keep those smiles on their faces. (or were they frozen there?) What made our roof so difficult is that we have 2 pitches and 2 roofs. The front roof faces the south and the pitch is steeper to accommodate the suns rays to the best advantage. The entire southern slope will be outfitted with Flat Plate Solar Thermal collectors this spring. These collectors are made right here in Minnesota.
The back roof has a more gentle incline and will be outfitted with rain gutters to collect rain water to be stored for use in the flower gardens in the summer. When the roof is enclosed and weather-proofed, we will be blowing in enough cellulose insulation to give the roof a R rating of 70! If you look closely, you will notice the house wrap on parts of the building already.

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  1. What an amazing project! Thanks for sharing photos!