Monday, January 10, 2011

Honeymooning at the Leaning Cedar Tree Cabin in January

Most couples who plan a honeymoon in January will go some place warm and tropical. However, the Leaning Cedar Tree Cabin is the choice for an adventurous couple who are spending their honeymoon here in January. Our cabin is cozy with a wood stove to keep them warm and snuggling under the down blankets at night will add to their comfort. The hike to the outhouse might be a bit chilly, but the sauna will make up for that. The snow is perfect for snow shoeing and skiing the BWCA right now. Remote it is as they are probably the only humans for miles right now (unless a dog sled or two cruise by)
wolves howl at night and the snow tells tales of critters unseen but left tracks behind. And silence. A perfect place to celebrate a beginning of a life long partnership.

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