Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer is sizzlin'

It is mid August and so hard to believe we are on the downward slope of summer. Our new building has been a hit and we are so pleased with how easy it is to keep cool and we have used very little propane to heat our water. In fact, these sunny days have made so much hot water that we have had to wash our bedding in hot water.
We have reduced our water and electrical usage while we have increased our occupancy rate. The risk we took in building seems to be paying off, in large account to all of you... our wonderful Adventure Inn guests! Many thanks for your patronage and support.
We are now featuring some of our local art in our hallways. Ely is blessed with so much talent and we are honored to have a sampling grace our walls. Please feel free to look and even take something home.
We now plan on renovating as we can afford to, the back building. We would like to make changes to make the back building more energy efficient as well. Winter projects for Mark for many winters to come.
Summer in Ely has been hot. Timely rains but not quite enough as the lakes and rivers are low. Fishing has been good this summer and even I, have been able to bring walleyes to the boat and put up some good fighting with a northern or 2. Our farmers market is a hit and growing larger and Tuesday night life has been a great success as well.
Now that we are on the downward slope of summer, I look forward to another great season in Ely. Fall.
cooler temps, no bugs, mists on the lake, birds in migratory patterns. Please do consider visitng Ely in the Fall.

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