Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pagami Creek Fire

Ely has had another busy season with guests visiting our wilderness and the interpretive centers for both the Wolf and Black bear. Another hot summer and one that lacked in rain after the first part of August. The grass turned brown and the leaves were curling on the trees, A small fire smouldered in the BWCA from a lightening strike from our last rain fall. Forest Service did a controlled burn to protect any cabins that were to the north. Then we had our own Ely version of September 11th. A hot dry wind blew in with gusts of over 40 miles/hour. the fire became monster and in some parts of the forest, vaporized the life it consumed. No one died nor any homes destroyed, but the town of Ely, became the head quarters for over 800 staff to deal with. We have all been busy to accommodate our new guests with beds, food and respite. Now a new forest will regenerate and the moose have new territory to graze. Next year at this time, the new shoots of birch will be growing and incredible displays of wild flowers that have been waiting for the opportunity to show off their blooms. so do not be put off by the fire when you plan your trip but come and see how fast a forest starts anew.               

                                                                                  Photos compliments of Bill Irish

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