Sunday, January 1, 2012


What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Sasha and Andre skiing with their dad as the snow falls. We want to thank all of our guests for chosing the Adventure Inn as their "home away from home" when they visit Ely. We hope to see all of you again.

Yes, Ely has snow and sad to say one of the few place in Minnesota able to say that. What crazy weather we have. Winter is so mild this year. We have about 6-10 inches of snow, depending where you measure and it is a beautiful sight. Soft, powdery white and glistening. Grateful for having what we do. We can ski, snow shoe and hike in the forest folowing tracks of wolves, deer and other animals. Our ice is thick and strong and very little slush for wonderfully long BWCA treks with our ski's. Back country skiing at its best. If you love the BWCA in the summer, come and see it in the wintertime. Quiet, air so clean and crisp, and the night light pollution here! And you might get lucky with the Boreal lights.

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